Ticket support

Big or small, we’ve got a plan for everyone.

With our ‘no cure no pay’ approach, our software is accessible for any size museum, attraction or zoo.

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Branded ticket page
Event page(s)
Online Payments
CMS + Statistics
8/7 WhatsApp Support
€0,45per ticket* + CM Payments transaction fees Get started with Basic


All ‘Basic’ options
Groups/Education bookings
Bookings in Google Maps
8/7 WhatsApp Support + Mail support
8/7 Phone support
€0,50per ticket* + CM Payments transaction fees Get started with Complete

Custom solution

All ‘Complete’ options
In addition to the 'Basic' and 'Complete' packages, there is also the possibility to put together a fully customized ticketing and customer support solution through the use of extensive tools which allow you to understand your visitors and create an optimal customer journey.
  • 360 degrees customer profiles
  • Marketing Automation software
  • Customer Service software
  • 3rd party API integrations
*pricing is indicational and might vary based on agreed terms.

Simple Online Ticketing.

With years of experience, innovating our online ticketing for museums, attractions and zoos, we have built a solid and specialized platform for the industry.

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mobile marketing cloud

An experience beyond booking a ticket.

Booking a ticket is just the beginning. Create the ultimate visitor experience from the moment they purchase a ticket to their actual visit and beyond. The Mobile Marketing Cloud of CM.com enables you to start conversations with people, not profiles.

Start conversations with people, not profiles

To improve the visitor experience, you need to know who your visitors are. CM.com's Customer Data Platform gathers all customer interactions and data in 360° customer profiles. This way, marketers can build segments by filtering on all potential profile features and behavior. This allows marketers to work more efficiently by automating the visitor journey using multi-step workflows of the Mobile Marketing Cloud.